I made it! I did it! I kinda can’t believe it…
Going vegan for a week had its fair share of challenges. Like I said at the beginning of this experiment, I have no self control. I know in the moment that I shouldn’t eat Taco Bell, but I override my common sense and hate myself for it later. I felt like I needed to break my addiction to the usual suspects. Lots of cheese, fast food, and general all around crap.

I found a lot of new alternatives to the foods that I love to eat, snacked on fruit and veggies and actually thought the food I was eating. Some of the foods I tired were totally gross. I had a blackberry soy yogurt that was runny and majorly lacking flavor. However yogurt is one of my favorite go-to snacks so I refuse to give up. I have a raspberry coconut milk yogurt that I’m taking to work tomorrow, so we’ll see how it goes.

My family and friends are really important to me and they were a big support when I wanted to cheat. My boyfriend and I went out to a latin restaurant Saturday night that I really love to eat at. Typically I would get a pork quesadilla with pineapple salsa. This was the moment I was dreading and waiting for. I was ready to be challenged to make the right decision and I was not looking forward to denying myself what a truly wanted. I looked over at my boyfriend and said, “I want to cheat”. He gave me a look and convinced me not to. And I have to say I am so very grateful that he was there to put things back into perspective. I had made it so far in my journey and to give up all that progress would have been disappointing later.

So where do I go from here? I’ve been thinking a lot about my next move and it only seems fitting that I continue. I’m looking for that feeling of good health. That sparkly, energetic, glowing feeling that healthy people talk about reaching when they are treating their bodies well. I think I can get there if I stay motivated, refrain from sabotaging myself and remain accountable for my own choices. I may sound like I have this all figured out, but trust me, I don’t. I know there will be moments of weakness but I’m going to try as hard as I can to stay the course. Stay tuned!


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