Vegan Violations

So I’m on day two of my vegan diet and so far so good.  I don’t miss any animal products that I used to eat on a daily basis and yesterday I never felt hungry in between meals.  However I have found out that I have incurred two violations to my diet! The culprit? Image  (photo credit)


On Sunday I prepared a delicious pan of vegan lasagna and was so pleasantly surprised when I took a bite and totally enjoyed it.  The flavors were so rich, the veggies cooked perfectly, and the vegan mozzarella was melty and fantastic.  It wasn’t until AFTER I cooked this masterpiece that I was asked by my mother, “What about the eggs in pasta?”  Shit.  The thought never crossed my mind.  In the process of shopping and painstakingly checking every ingredient list twice, I completely overlooked the components of pasta.  Now fast forward to this morning…I’m sitting in my kitchen enjoying my gluten free bagel with vegan butter and Tofutti “cream cheese” listing to my ritual NPR station and I went to inspect the nutritional information on the back of the package.  Contains: Egg.  Shit.  I was fooled by the little claim on the front of the package that said ” Dairy, soy and nut free!”.  I thought that egg was considered a sibling of the dairy family, but I guess I’m wrong?

I did some internet searching and found some great alternatives.  I am very lucky to have a local bakery that offers a wide variety of vegan bread options.  Most breads that they make daily have four simple ingredients: Flour, water, salt, and yeast.  They bake all their breads in a wood-fired brick oven which gives it a great texture.  Instead of bagels in the morning I’ll be switching to toast once my bagels are gone.  I love to carb up in the morning because it keeps me full until lunch so local bread is on the menu!  Much like the artisan breads, there are many pasta options that don’t contain egg.  When I made my lasagna I chose to use the no-boil Barilla noodles.  I have used these for year because they cut down on prep time and are generally more convenient to use.  Apparently egg is added to no-boil noodles in order to give it that magic no-boil ability, something I failed to see before using them.

So with that said I’m pushing on and enjoying every bite along the way!


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